Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Bit of Rain Never Hurt Anyone

What is it about children and water? If there is a puddle, it must be jumped in, if there is rain, it must be run in; it's like they are magnetized to the stuff. Although I must admit that there is something enticing about a romp in the rain (in the absence of lighting and thunder mind you).
London is no exception and last weekend we enjoyed several hours in the rain at James' company picnic-----London might as well have been in heaven.

The child never stops moving, as you can tell.

Then there was the unfortunate pony incident...

James snapped the picture just as the unfortunate incident was taking place. London was happily feeding the cute little pony and I was about two seconds to slow in showing her the proper way to feed ponies, to avoid a sharp nip, which she unfortunately experienced.
If you want to cure your daughters obsession with ponies this will do it.

The Fun Never Ends...

While I was busy feeding Noble one of his first rice cereal meals, London 'busied' herself elsewhere... (do you think Noble will appreciate wearing his sister's pink floral bibs....the sad thing is, he has his own, they are just not conveniently located in the kitchen, moving them just requires to much effort on my part-sad but true).

Where you ask? Just down the hall in the bathroom, feeding her own baby some rice cereal (a concoction of milk and water).

More 'cereal'....

I guess the watered down milk solution was just to tempting, or London has a thing for her doll.

The cuteness was short lived upon finding that the gallon of milk had been depleted to mere teaspoons and that there was a puddle of milk the size of a small lake on the kitchen floor; at least everyone was fed.