Monday, February 25, 2013

A word of advice for all you 20-year-old-somethings: Nerds make the best dads

It's true.
This guy went on a late night run to Target (in inclement weather), to purchase 200 bowls, so he could fill them all up with water, add food coloring, and put them (neatly) in snow trenches, so that they would freeze overnight, in order to build the kids their own personal igloo the next day.
Now that's some daddy dedication.

 And don't forget the snowball fight fort, that you could slide to from the igloo.
Thanks for setting the bar so high honey; that's one way to win over the neighbors.;)
 Add a lantern after dark, and.......
 It glows!

 Noble may have had a bit too much snow fun at this point.
 The igloo could fit 3 small children inside, or

 one large, fun loving, selfless, and completely wonderful man.

I'm tellin' ya, go for the nerds girls, go for the nerds.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sledding Fun


Snow days are so much more fun when James is around.
Like a mini, family the mountains....without the packing or the driving (and much smaller hills).

Every time I start daydreaming about life in the country (which I find myself doing quite frequently and they usually consist of charming white farmhouses, acres of land to roam, horses, chickens, babbling brooks, and more horses), I need to stop and remind myself of the joy of a neighborhood full of laughing, squealing children, coming out to enjoy the snow together.
And sledding down hills with them.
And being there to catch them on video when they totally bite it.
And watching them help each other get snow out of their boots.
And drinking the water they so thoughtfully brought to share. ;)

That's what it's all about anyway.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Royal Valentines

We absolutely love Valentines day at our house; a holiday that is all about love?  Sign me up!
London has been making preparations for the last four weeks; one cold month, plus lots of time inside, equals a lot of red paper hearts. ;)

 James surprised us with the globe lights in the morning, it was so pretty!

Then off to two school parties.
London's was a royal engagement, complete with velvet curtains, a castle and a royal introduction of all the princesses and knights.
Cutest. party. ever. 

Even though there was a bit of the unexpected (lock down for armed burglar in Andover) Mrs. Braynock kept the happiness going.

I love this little girl, (who spent a large amount of time picking out the perfect royal attire the night before), and the really little girl on my lap. She joins us on Thursdays and helps satisfy my baby cravings. ;)

And then we were off to Noble's Valentines party.  He couldn't keep still, and hopped up from the circle twice to show me all the goodies we were going to eat.
His happiness is contagious.
Love, love, love him.