Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Minutes of Fun

That's as long as London and I lasted outside, it was COLD (and very beautiful).

It's Only Nine O'Clock

Our day started only a couple of hours ago and I'm already done, so much for yesterday's optimistic pep talk. London's watching Sesame Street, Noble's in his exersaucer, and I'm here, ignoring both of them.
Here's some recent pics of Noble's new favorite activity: standing at the train table and playing with the tracks. If he's cranky, I just stand him up here and I'm guaranteed about 10 min. of happiness.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Only 44 Days Until Spring

I'm not a cold weather type of girl, which is why as soon as Christmas is over, and the decorations put away, I pull out all my spring/summer stuff in an attempt to convince myself that spring is just around the corner. Which, unfortunately, it's not, in fact it's just the beginning (or by now, more like the middle), but I'm in denial, every year.
The only good thing about this incredibly cold, depressingly gray, winter weather, is that it does encourage us have to come up with some fun things to do, so that London doesn't become a tv junkie and I don't go insane. When your inside all day, every day, you can only clean so much (well, in reality I could probably clean forever, but what's the point?), and so I've been able to spend more time playing fun, silly games with L. Not that I don't get tired of playing prince charming for the 5th time in a row, but at least she wants me to play with her, which I know some day I will miss. And maybe my back is permanently knotted up from chasing L around the house holding Noble up like a fighter jet, and every pair of pants I own has worn knees from doggie rides (we don't play horsey in our house, rather, Clifford the Big Red Dog), but they just serve as reminders of the blessings we are given, even though sometimes, in our exhausted, unshowered, and under rested state, it's hard to see.

So instead of wishing for 60 degree, let's go to the park weather tomorrow, we're going to pitch a blanket tent, read stories and enjoy whatever comes from being stuck inside, together.

And on a less sappy note, London had 'dress as a cowgirl' day at school today, here's some of her best cowgirl poses.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nothing Exciting

Just a couple of pics from Christmas, hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and a blessed 2010!