Thursday, September 22, 2011

The best evenings are ones spent like this

This friendly little fellow visited London and Noble the evening before London's 5th birthday. In the middle of enjoying his company London folded her hands and said a little prayer thanking God for sending him and asking Him to send her a butterfly every year on her birthday.
And so did I.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


London out with Dad for her birthday breakfast at the Good Egg.

The one thing London wanted from us-roller blades. Always wanting to try new things, that girl. I love her adventurous spirit.

Noble thought they were pretty rad too.

London and I made these 'floating' pom-poms together. The playroom is now permanently adorned with floating pink clouds. (The playroom was picked up and the train table covered in pink for the party). (:
And here was the biggest hit of the party by far:

James and I may or may not have stayed up until one getting it all ready. :)

Someone woke up early, and it wasn't the birthday girl.......

I wish you could see Noble's face, he's trying to figure why our eating area is covered in pink.

Adorable ballerina cupcake tutus brought to you by Honey. The girls LOVED them.

Now she's up,

and ready to get this party started!

A little practice performance on stage before....

Party time!
London's sweet little friends, Avery, Ali, Abbey, Jadyn, and Ellie all joined in on the fun.

The girls gave a beautiful and moving performance to "A Happy Working Song".

It was sweet.

It was magical.

And it made my heart smile.

I like the superhero grabbin' a ride on the back of the girls' barbie jeep. They didn't seem to mind.

And of course, what birthday would be complete with out two more celebrations with family?

Sweet little birthday bride. Happy happy Birthday to my precious, precious baby girl.