Wednesday, March 7, 2012


As in my baby boy is officially three. Or it could be that this post should have been divided between three's that long. If there is one thing this family will never be accused of, it won't be that we don't know how to celebrate.
What do we do when we (as in I) decide to forgo the official friend party?
1. Take a mini vacation (with friends of course)
2. Have two separate celebrations with family, that don't count as parties b/c I was not responsible for one detail of either one.
3. Have a day completely devoted to Noble on his actual birthday, lest he feel gypped.

Taking off on our weekend away. Owen and Noble are just gearin' up for all the fun they're going to have at Great Wolf Lodge.
This one slept the night preparatory nap needed.
Started out with the small slides... and then quickly moved on to the big 'uns. Unfortunately I dropped the ball and did not get pictures of both my children fearlessly taking on the huge tube slides. But I will forever remember it. :)
And in case anyone doesn't know how incredibly dorky I am, this picture proves it. Noble looks completely unimpressed with my swimming technique and pre-pool prep talk.

Looks like they're having fun....we were all incredibly grateful for the 'hot tub' pool, which was not really hot, but perfect for keeping my babies from shivering to death in between slide runs.
My precious family.....

Chillaxin' in the pool....
Next stop, party at Honey, Papa and Elizabeth's house.
London loves her Aunt Stephanie!

Followed the next morning with breakfast at Cattlemens with Nana, Grandpa, KK, and Caleb...

And then party numero dos at Nana and Granpa's house.

Now we are to Noble's actual birthday, which starts off with the tradition of going to breakfast with dad.
Very early.

This boy LOVES riding in the truck.
Bring on the birthday!
After riding in the truck, Noble's other obsession would be hot cocoa. And whipped cream. He had two that morning.
Is that an eye roll? This makes my heart hurt a little.
That's more like it. Keep up the "huh what's going?" look. It makes mommy feel like you still need me-which you do. ;)
And finally....
the big present.
He's only been asking for a bike for about 8 months.
Yes, he's trying to hug the bike.
He LOVES that bike. We only ride it around the pond two times a day.
Thank you for adding so much joy, laughter, fun and love to our family little man; our family just wouldn't be the same without you!