Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Think She's Really Internalizing This Princess Thing...

I finally happened....London rolled off her big girl bed. I woke up to wailing at 2a.m. only to find London on the floor beside her bed. After some consoling hugs, London looked up at me and said (in an obviously 'I'm still asleep' stupor) "I leaned over to look, and I must have looked very far because I fell down, down, down......". Now, if you have ever seen Disney's Enchanted, you'll remember this is the line Giselle says as she is explaining how she arrived in New York City. I was just waiting for London to break out in song ("how does she know that you love her..."). Next London's going to tell me she can't sleep in her bed because there is a pea under the mattress, my little princess....

Family Vacation

We went on our first vacation as a family of four, in celebration of our 5 year wedding anniversary. Now, a couple days at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City might not sound very anniversaryish, but it was so much fun! James and I decided that that's just where we are in life right now (breastfeeding can tie you down a bit)and we had a wonderful time!

Getting settled in our room

London was so excited, she couldn't wait to try out the pool!

Noble sporting his first swim trunks; he was pumped too!

My precious family.

London LOVED the slides.

Even the really BIG ones!

Riding in the big tube with Daddy!

Nothing wears out a two yr. old like 2 hrs at a waterpark.

And nothing says vacation like a constant barrage of sugary treats!

Our happy and exhausted family finally heads home.

My favorite moments from our trip:
1). London making friends with any child within a 15 ft. radius of her (London sends a shout out to Maddie and Sienna!).
2). Watching James and London both getting excited about going down the 'fast slides' together.
3). Spending two days together as a family, and reflecting on how we've changed and grown as a couple and a family these past five years.

And I apologize to any future occupants in room 424, London insisted that the mini fridge was a front loading washing machine, in which she 'washed' her undergarments. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Day...

I'll return to the blogging world. Instead of thinking, I should blog about this, I actually will blog about it, and I will do it in one sitting with no interupptions. So far for this post, which is obviously soooo long and time intensive, I have had to save the 2yr old from jumping off the kitchen table, stop a pot of macaroni from boiling over, and uncover Noble from the blankets his sister thought he needed covering his head. So, I guess it's obvious why I feel like I've disapeared from the blogging world, but I will return (and next time it won't be to whine about not blogging). In the meantime I am still longingly reading and keeping up with my friend's blogs, keep up the good work!