Friday, March 25, 2011

It's good to get away

My parents were kind enough to invite us to a spring break getaway with them in Branson.
Needless to say it was pretty awesome.

This is after London went on a shopping marathon with Nana. That four year old has some serious endurance.
And both kids got some nice one on one time with their daddy. It is so nice just to see one another without a million things going on.

London is getting some help writing a note, which later, I was thrilled to be the recipient of. (It said "I love you. Love London") This little girl LOVES to write.

Having more fun, I will have to post a video I took of this. It makes me laugh every time.
This was our first trip to Silver Dollar City and we loved it! There were so many fun things for London and Noble to do, and it didn't hurt that the weather was perfect too!
Can you tell this is Nobles first time on a roller coaster? It's actually London's too, but that girl is pretty fearless. She did insist that James sit with her, which I totally understand. If I had a choice of someone to ride with on something as scary as a roller coaster I definitely wouldn't choose me, I'd go for the big strong guy who also isn't afraid of anything.

Noble barely made the height requirement, just by 1/6 of an inch! After the ride was over he was strutting through the park like he was some tough two year old!
Nana was able to take them on some rides too.
And in case your wondering what the oversized bandaid is for, London was accidentally pushed into a large metal spike that punctured her forehead. Luckily it didn't slow her down for long.
Yep, a good time was had by all.

Twice the fun

Not only is he two, but he got to celebrate the occasion twice.
We are all about setting high expectations in our family.
Noble was really excited about his robot cake.
He actually helped make it.
And then I finished it, with only a mild anxiety attack. Cake making is not my thing. I would like it to be my thing, but, unfortunately it's not.
For the love of all things yummy and beautiful would someone please tell me how to crumb coat a cake. Please.
Somehow it survived my attempts to frost it and nobody seemed to even notice that it wasn't properly 'crumb coated' (I think they actually appreciated the extra tub of icing I used to cover rough spots!).
I love getting together with all of our family. Birthdays (at least our children's) seem to bring everyone together.
I'm really into that.

Happy 2nd 2nd Birthday my sweet, robot lovin' baby boy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cooking up a good time

Noble's 2nd birthday party was a huge hit with the two year olds. It appears that frosting and then consuming you own cookies is all the rage right now.

The siblings seemed to enjoy themselves as well!
Birthday boy Owen getting busy with the cookie decorating.
Noble was REALLY excited about the frosting options. He preferred to use two brushes, simultaneously to apply it.
Nana had a good time too.
I love this picture of London and Noble with their Gammie.
Happy Birthday Owen and Noble!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy birthday sweet baby boy

Like usual, we had one too many celebrations to celebrate one of our children's birthdays.
Just doing our part to set high expectations and inundate them with materialism. Not really, but sometimes that's what it feels like. Mommy likes to celebrate...I might need an intervention.
Of course no birthday is complete until you've had breakfast with dad at an insanely early hour.
Noble didn't complain one bit about the time.
Or the fact that his dad dressed him like its the middle of June.
He was just incredibly happy to be alive.
I like that about him.

Happy 2nd birthday to my super sweet little boy of few words (but great inflection and facial expressions). I can't imagine our little family without you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sunshine and 30 min. of peace

As if you couldn't tell by her expression, London is singing. It's a song about the sunshine and the barbie jeep and how she loves both of them immensely.