Monday, September 20, 2010


Four years ago we welcomed this precious baby girl into our family.

And we've watched her grow...

and grow....

and grow.

And I can't imagine our life without her.

Who knew that four was the magic age for asking awkward questions?

I can't believe my baby's four. And I know I say that exact phrase every year. And I also know that every year it's going to be even more unbelievable to me how big she is. It seems like James and I should be celebrating the birth of our first child, not celebrating the birthday of our now FOUR year old.
Along with her four years of life have come some fun new questions, like.....
"When was I in your tummy?" "Was I always in your tummy?" "How did I get in your tummy?"
Which led to even more questions....
"How do babies get in their mommy's tummy?" Imagine me nonchalantly giving some general answer like "Well God put them there." And then imagine London's frustration at me for not giving her a better answer, like she knows I'm withholding information from her. "I know mommy, but how?" I won't bore you with the details of that explanation, except that I felt like satisfactorily gave her legitimate answers without going down that road quite yet. I'm not ready for that road anytime soon.
But anyway, back to my baby. And by baby I mean London. Because she will always, and I mean ALWAYS be my baby.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Okay, that was a little cheesy. But I did want to document London and Noble's first haircut. We decided it would be less painful and more fun to get their haircut simultaneously.

Noble's locked and loaded, well, maybe not the loaded part. Although he could be, carrying a load I mean. He's kind of sneaky like that.

There go the wisps of curls. That's okay, on a good day they were a little too reminiscent of a mullet.

London's long, golden locks. Don't let this hair fool you. It's riddled with split ends and tangles that would make even the most patient hair dresser weak in the knees.

A couple of inches later...

a haircut fit for an almost four year old.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Born to be outside

Noble LOVES to be outside. I'm pretty sure he'd live there if he could. Actually I know he would. It is a small battle when it's time to go inside and wash the dirt off of his hands/toes/head/hair/wherever else dirt can inhabit.
He's preparing to be the next star of Survivor, or maybe man vs. wild.
I love my little mud covered nature junkie.

Girls will be girls or...

fashion conscious sword carrying pirates (who obviously like to shop or maybe that's just the loot they stole)?
I love play dates.

1st Day

I love that precious little girl.

Back to school...London style

I preparation for London's second year of preschool, we (or maybe just I) had to indulge in some back to school shopping. London was so jazzed about her new 'school clothes' (which consisted of three items, which is apparently just as exciting as an entire new wardrobe when you're 3 1/2). She couldn't wait to try them on and 'model' them for me. Of course, I couldn't bring myself to tell her that she wouldn't be sportin' her jeans and long sleeved tee for another two months.
Check out this reverse London inspired catwalk...
....and I guess I'll be returning the shirt.