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How 2015 nearly killed us

So....we had twins (January 2014), we were settling into our new home and adjusting to James' new job (fall 2013), we survived the first year of raising twins, and then we moved again (February 2015).  Enter another new job, new (old) state, living with family, mobile twins who are in to EVERYTHING, new school, and finally a new home.  I'm tired just typing it.  But we are here.  Back home.  Literally blocks away from my parents, less than a mile from James', and I feel like we can finally breathe.  We are somewhat unpacked (enough to just pretend that what's left hasn't made it on our weekend to-do list), summer has begun, and I'm working on finding our new normal. When we made the decision to move into a larger home (I really wanted all the bedrooms to be on the same floor, ironic that that is not the case in our current home) in Andover, I really felt like we were putting down roots and making it a 'forever, at least until the kids are out of school' home.  But God had other plans, and He has (yet again) taken care of us throughout everything.  There may have been a lot of tears, lack of sleep, MANY sonic trips and hours of driving around Edmond with sleeping babies, but I feel confident in the, albeit, unexpected, path He has taken us, because, well, He has our backs, and there has been a host of blessings along the way.   I am so thankful for the presence of our family, reconnecting with old and meeting new friends, and finding our way on this part of our journey.
 I am also REALLY looking forward to 2016.;)