Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Nativity Story....Revisited

London loves to dress up (or dress me up) as Mary, and James as (who else) Joseph. For some reason she has it in her head that the only requirement to playing Mary is that you must have some kind of cloth over you head (be it a shirt, washcloth or dish towel, she's pretty flexible as long as it drapes). And of course there is always a baby Jesus (and this last one had clothes on!). On this particular reenactment she decided she also needed a robe, and what makes a better robe than a window curtain (that was) attached to the wall??

Precious Baby

My good friend Rachel's precious baby Jackson and daughter Abbey (London's sweet friend) came over to play the other day, and London was so excited; she can't wait until she has a baby brother to take care of!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miss Observation

I don't know if it's the age, or the child, but London notices everything. From outfit changes of the characters in her books, to the nursery rhyme pattern on the rocker in her bedroom, to random shapes on buildings (yes, that is a triangle on top of that sign, behind the trees three blocks away). It really made me evaluate (again) what I am saying when I think (keyword there) she's not paying attention. Like the other day, when I got off the phone with James after discussing our weekend menu options, and she said "Now we can go to the store and get chicken for the chicken tortilla soup!". Uh, yeah...I guess we can; what else did I say???

The London Look

London has really been into dressing herself lately, and let me tell ya, she has her own, very distinct style. (James was shocked that I let her go out in public in this getup, he refers to it as the 'gypsy' look). I don't looks pretty right on with some runway looks I've seen. You never know, she could be the next Vera Wang....or maybe not.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Growing, Resting and Nesting

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Besides all the many gifts our daughter received, she also picked up some new phrases that she repeatedly said to extended family and friends; my favorite of which being "I don't like you". Now, I know she didn't hear that from me. I'm blaming Dr. Seuss (I don't like that Sam I Am). I have since decided to censor her book collection. James and I both can't believe how much our little girl has grown up; it feels like she went from age two to age three in a matter of two weeks, and needless to say I have had a few teary moments (ok, maybe more like uncontrollable sobbing)over the past week. It didn't help that we painted London's perfect little periwinkle nursery a nice neutral color for her brother. The good news is she could have cared less; she was so excited when we assembled his crib and put it next to hers (her feelings may quickly change when he is crying every 2 hours in the middle of the night). We are all getting so excited about the arrival of baby boy Baird. Which leads me to my next question; has anyone else experienced uncontrollable middle of the night nesting urges 9 weeks before the due date? I have been cleaning and organizing for the better part of last week and I spent Saturday night doing what else, cleaning and organizing (and by Saturday night I mean Sunday morning, because I didn't stop until 7:30am)? That never happened with London, I think I got the urge to vacuum several days before (let me tell ya, I'm quite the house keeper). But we had just moved and I did do a lot of unpacking. Anyway, I just wondered, it made James really nervous; he was watching me all day Sunday and strange things were coming out of his mouth like "Maybe you should go lie down" and "Can I go to the store with you?". Maybe it's just that my house is in such a state of chaos that I need to be cleaning and organizing 9 weeks before. Wow, I wrote a lot, if you're still reading, I'm sorry, I'm done now, next time I'll just post some pictures, I promise.