Thursday, September 17, 2009

Per Your Request...

Pictures of Noble, who is six months old now!!!

Is he handsome or what?

Noble is doing a great job of sitting up the past few days, such a big boy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Goop is Gone!

After six months of a constantly teary, goopy right eye, Noble woke up with it goop free! Yeah for unblocked tear ducts! Now lets just hope it stays that way!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Way to Set the Bar High People

Yesterday we celebrated London's 3rd birthday with a 'small' family get together down in Edmond. Needless to say, the birthday festivities of '09 will be pretty tough to match, we're banking on the fact that she won't remember how incredibly spoiled she is next year. Here are some highlights of her special day...

Breakfast with Daddy. James took L to Sugar Sisters this year for their annual Daddy/Daughter Birthday breakfast.

London tried out her new scissors (present from us, she's been asking for scissors for several months now, which sounds kind of lame, but hey, if that's what the girl wants...) they're the kind that don't cut anything but paper, we'll see.

Wearing Daddy's shirt, if L' isn't undergoing a 'sugar seizure', she's cold.
After their return we all loaded up to head to Edmond for a fun party at the park, and since it was a day trip I didn't have to pack so much (only a change of clothes for the kids and myself (I get pooped on a lot), pj's (which I forgot L's) diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, DVDs, and everything needed for a party at the park (and I only forgot a lighter for the candles and serving utensils, which, are kind of important, but still, it could have been worse, much worse.))

London had a variety of Birthday baked goods to choose from. There was the pink castle (from a mold I checked out from the library, very cool idea, if you are talented at decorating cakes, which, I have unfortunately learned is not in my skill set. Then there were the cupcakes with plastic Disney princesses on top (very commercial) and then the 'mini' cake with a castle candle on top, which actually turned out kind of cute, but totally unnecessary. I was set on baking London a cake this year and I got a little carried away.

Yeah! a picture with me in it, James took several because I am always complaining that I'm never in any pictures with my children, this was, sadly, the best one.

And since there wasn't enough sugar present, London got some ice cream with the help of her Uncle Caleb and Elizabeth to wrap things up.

So, 1500 presents later (among which were a princess bicycle, shopping cart, and princess accessories) London is officially three. We had so much fun seeing (almost) all of our family, thanks to everyone for making London's 3rd Birthday so special!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Yes, it was an entire week ago, maybe I just don't want to accept it.