Friday, October 29, 2010

A few of his favorite things...

I thought I would document and share some of Noble's favorite pastimes, since time just keeps flying by and he will be two before I know it.

His dad. Noble loves his daddy. He can't seem to get enough of him these days (of course, neither can I). Since graduating, James has taken over Noble's bedtime and I seriously think it's Noble's favorite time of the day. In fact, he gets very frustrated if we wait too long for bedtime and he pulls James into his room to read books and rock and hardly even gives me a second look. He does at least blow me kisses, but in such a way that says "Okay, goodnight now mom, dad's got this, you can leave, we'll get to spend the entire day tomorrow together so sweet dreams."

It must be a boy thing.
Whatever it is, it can be climbed. It must be climbed. It WILL be climbed.

Being outside. And running. I'm already starting to feel anxious about the winter.
What will we do, where will we go??? I don't think the cold will stop him, it's me I'm worried about.

Randomly wearing his sister's Disney princess bicycle helmet around the house. We all know how dangerous snack time can be. (He really wants to ride London's bike, but his legs aren't quite long enough, so I guess he figures this is as close as he's going to get.)

Stacking, anything and everything. This boy loves to stack, and the more random the objects, the better. Pop cans, makeup, toys, goldfish, whatever he can get his tiny little hands on. He loved the challenge of the diaper boxes. Watching him trying to figure out the best way to fit them on top of one another reminded me of someone else I know......

Thursday, October 28, 2010

At last...

I finally captured a picture of my children together where they are actually both smiling, and , get this, looking at me!!!! I'm a little giddy, I thought the day would never come.

During a 'photo shoot' I usually I get this:

and a little of this:
and let's not forget this:
But here are the winners, yes that was plural, I got TWO!
This one's not too bad either.

Now I just need a family one; I'll share that montage for another day. (It has been a sad, sad season for family pics, maybe this is the turning point!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walter's 2010

We took our annual family excursion to the pumpkin patch, and thankfully this year, the weather cooperated. In fact, it was beautiful. Gorgeous. I would almost venture to say it was on the verge of being too warm, but then memories of defrosting after last year's trip flood my mind and I feel almost blasphemous. So, it was perfect.

It kills me how he gets in there with the 'big' boys. He has no idea he's only 1 1/2, and it's no use trying to tell him. Sigh.....

And then there is this one who is completely unaware of my presence if any other girl within 2 yrs. of her age is in a 50 ft. radius.
I know independence is a good thing, and I'm thankful she has such a strong sense of self. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Although sometimes I do wrap her up like a baby after bath time, and London thinks it's just to keep her dry and warm, but we all know it's because it's the only way I can hold her and carry her around like a baby and remind myself that she will always be my baby, even if it means I have to trick her into some 'snuggle time'.

Honey was able to come visit, which made the day even more special.
Rope 'em cowboy!

James took this. I love it.
At the patch....

Noble's hair reminds me of a fuzzy baby duck.
He loves ducks. That's one of the few words he says consistently.
Duck and quack.
And they both sound pretty much the same. I love it.

We only waited in line 30 min. to ride the barrel train which was soooooo worth it. Here's to another great year at Walter's!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

18 months (as in, last month)

I'm counting this as Noble's 18 month pic, although I never took an 'official' one. (If you can't tell he was cropped out of a family pic which didn't turn out so well). And since he is now, as of Friday, 19 months old, I'm going to take 'official' pictures of him this month. Please, someone hold me accountable. He is getting big WAY to fast!

Rain dancing, bed jumping, birthdays and a festival...

...just a few of the things we've been up to over the past four weeks.

And celebrating Kaitlin's 17th birthday at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum.

Enjoying the carnival experience at Greater Andover Days.
Doesn't Noble look very concerned here. He was. He kept looking at us like "Umm, are you really letting me ride the carnival ride that goes up 10 ft. in the air with a four year old? Really??? Seriously, who is in charge?"

He survived. :)

So I have about 54,321 more pictures I need to post, but I'll save those for another month, uh, I mean day.