Sunday, August 31, 2008

Officially Two

Well its happened, my baby is officially two, well by her standards anyway. In reality, she has 11 more days to go, but when you are 23 months old a Birthday party makes it official. And what a Birthday party it was! With fourteen other children under the age of three and sweets galore (yes, we even had Krispy Kreme donoughts) it was quite the event. Although London spent half the time running down the church hallway and into the baby nursery (which she refuses to go into by herself on Sunday mornings), showing little regard for the 6 different playstations that were set up (with the help of my very good friends-thank you Rachel and Beth!!) the night before, or should I say morning?! Everything starts to get hazey after 1:00am, and I start thinking to myself, "Why am I doing this again?" And then I realize the next day when she tells everyone excitedly that she is two (she holds up her entire hand when she does this) and tells her friend Abbey "Happy Birthday" (who is also turning two), and then proceeds to exuberently lick the pink frosting off the flower cookie like a puppy (she takes after her fatheron this one). I am just thanking the Lord that it's over and it didn't end in tears, although that is usually a good sign that it was a successful party, there's always next year! Happy Birthday London!

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