Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The London Look

London has really been into dressing herself lately, and let me tell ya, she has her own, very distinct style. (James was shocked that I let her go out in public in this getup, he refers to it as the 'gypsy' look). I don't know....it looks pretty right on with some runway looks I've seen. You never know, she could be the next Vera Wang....or maybe not.


Jenae said...

Look how cute she is! She's already demonstrating her independence a style all her own. I think it is absolutely adorable! And you're right...I think she's right on with runway fashion! :)

Collin and Mariah said...

She dresses better than me!! What a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

It's very edgy (in a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen kind of way!), but Aunt Stephanie approves! :)