Monday, April 13, 2009

An Honest Easter

So, I knew there would be some disappointed family members if I didn't post some pictures of London and Noble in their Easter get ups, especially since we were selfish enough not to spend Easter Sunday with them.
Now lets just pretend as you look at these beautiful, sweet pictures that they were taken Sunday morning, after a delicious family breakfast of homemade pancakes at which James gave a heartfelt retelling of the Easter story, and not that they were staged at the end of the day after all the 'festivities' had ended. And by festivities I mean, running around in what most would consider complete chaos, just to make it to Sunday school 15 min after class had begun (which, sadly, isn't too bad for us), and attending an Easter egg hunt at which I'm pretty sure my daughter had what you might refer to as a 'sugar seizure'.

London about to leap off the sofa, Noble looking concerned. Classic.

Happy First Easter Noble!

And you had better appreciate my efforts, dressing London once a day is enough to drive the most patient person over the edge. I'm pretty sure this was the 5th time to put clothes on the child, but I might have lost track.

Happy Easter!!


Taylor & Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, Noble is so big!

I remember the first time that I held London... she was about three months old and felt tiny! It doesn't look like I will feel the same way when holding your son - what a big boy!

I'm glad to see that you all are doing well. Can't wait to make a trip up to KS to help you with the kiddos... even if it is just for a weekend :)

Mercedes said...

Both of them are gorgeous!