Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Her Life is a Musical

That's what I resort to telling people when we are walking the aisles of Target, or any public place for that matter. EVERYTHING, and I mean, everything is a song. Sometimes there are recognizable bits, but mostly it's pure, original London. (And it's not just singing, there is dancing, LOTS of dancing (and let's not forget arm waving)). The best place for her performances are public restrooms (of course,I mean, you can't get any better acoustics (or a more 'captive' audience) and typically I'm just trying to keep L to 'keep it down', lest anyone in a nearby stall suffer a sudden and acute migraine. But last weekend, during a moving performance in the Vaun Maur ladies room (which is pretty much pure tile from floor to ceiling), one kind woman stopped to enjoy London's gift of song, and said, as I ushered her to the sink to wash her hands, "well, that just made my day", which of course made mine.


nana said...

deja vu

Beth Sears said...

Proof of your claim:
http://bethsears.blogspot.com/2008/09/we-had-some-good-friends-over-other-day.html. :)

Mercedes said...

So much better and more precious than and Ipod!