Thursday, April 8, 2010

He just can't be getting this big

Noble surprises me everyday with what he can do. I guess I just expect him to be my 'baby' forever.
We were blowing bubbles on the front porch the other night and I was trying to help Noble dip the wand in and then blow bubbles. Well, he became very frustrated with my 'help', so I let him take over. Not only could he dip the wand in himself, but he held it up in front of his mouth and blew. Then he preceded to look up at me and smile (in a way that clearly said, "see mom, I told you I could do it").

Of course, the bubble wand did eventually make it into his mouth, very baby like of you Noble.


Jenae said...

He is SO cute!

nana said...

Adorable. That last pic is priceless. Dad and son have the same expression on their faces!!