Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holiday Wonder and Cheer

I think I pinned about 15 different tutorials on camera settings for photographing Christmas trees on my Pinterest account...
I didn't read a single one.
But my lack of photography skills didn't make bringing out the Christmas decorations any less fun.

And of course a visit to Santa was in order. We actually went to see him twice. I was bound and determined for my children to be wearing something that coordinated and looked 'Christmasey'.
And somehow Noble still managed to wear: ripped jeans, a hand-me-down sweatshirt that had to be at least 7 yrs. old and orange and brown tennis shoes.
But by golly, they are both wearing red.
A new tradition we started last year was going to Bradley Fair to ride around the shopping center in a horse drawn carriage.
And stand in front of the biggest Christmas tree in the state of Kansas.
And to perfect the 'hold still for the picture' little brother choke hold.
Now I'm thankful for the whole 'I don't know how to use my camera in low light with bright lights' situation. It makes the sibling abuse harder to make out.
London was all about getting her picture taken this year. It was "Over here, by these ornaments, now here-get one of me walking through the bushes looking over my shoulder, and
over here looking unaware and adorable."
And let's not forget the, 'walking down the stairs overcome with joy for the holiday season' moment.
The weather was perfect, and London of course fell instantly in love with our draft horse, which she named Hazel.
Love that girl, and this season-it brings out the best in all of us.

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