Thursday, January 16, 2014

Before and After

I have done a terrible job taking pictures of our new home and the changes we have made since we moved in back in August, even though I told myself I would document everything this time around.  I might have been a little over zealous to get things done; that, and I have had 9 months of nesting hormones in full swing.  Oh well, at least things get done around here.:)

I realized I didn't even have a before pic of the outside, but luckily I had a pic from the real estate listing from the year before.  (It's ironic that we looked at this house exactly one year ago, and the owners took it off the market after shortly putting it on and then put it back on the market when we were actually looking for somewhere to live the following summer-chalk it up to God's crazy perfect timing).

I'm a sucker for white houses, especially white farm houses.  And even though we are in the middle of suburbia (which after looking at homes out of town, I'm very convinced the suburbs is where are meant to be at this time in our lives) it now gives off some warm country charm.  The front porch doesn't hurt either.:)

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