Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer-time's end

The evening before school began the weather shifted.  There was a cool breeze and a nip in the air that felt like fall was pushing itself through what had, just the days before, been stifling heat.  It was an unusual shift, being only mid-August, the hottest time of the year around these parts.  As I gathered up all the bikes, riding toys, balls and a host of other children's toys I couldn't help but feel nostalgic and like I was putting away summer, all the days at the pool, evenings running through sprinklers, hot, sweaty walks and sticky, dirt covered children, like I was tucking her neatly into bins in the garage.  There was a certain peace that went along with it as well, for as much as I dislike change and the uncomfortable feelings that so often accompany it, it was also cathartic ushering in a new season through the clean-up.   So many things to look forward to, making new friends,  working on school projects, trips to the pumpkin patch and holiday festivities just around the corner.  Because life is change.  We will never remain in one season; our lives are always moving, churning around us. Some seasons will be more difficult than others.  There will be some full of more than their fair share of trials, others full of joy and most, I believe a combination of happy and hard. The time of transition in this world will never stop.  I suppose this is one reason why we feel like aliens here, yearning for a home of constancy.  Somewhere where we are complete.  Tranquility comes to mind, and also joy, and peace.  Until that day comes, I hope to do my best here, weathering the storms and enjoying the blessings, with as much grace and love as I can humanely muster.  And this year I will be soaking up my 3rd grader, kindergartner, and my chaotic days at home with toddler twins.  Here is to the season at hand.

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