Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was very disappointed with myself for not having my camera with me when we went down to Edmond this weekend (or at least I thought I didn't have it, it was actually buried beneath all of the junk in our van, you would think that would motivate me to clean it out!). We had such a fun time seeing all our family and friends, it was a great weekend! Even though I am picture-less I wanted to share a restaurant that we went to with my family that I loved! We went to Pops in Arcadia (which I guess is technically a gas station, with a small restaurant inside). It had refrigerators full of every kind of pop imaginable, all of which were grouped by color (so pretty!). And there was an eating area outside with a fenced in lawn where your kids could just run around. This was very exciting to me, since I NEVER get to sit and eat when we go out; in fact we DON'T go out any more, it's just too painful! (I have to add that James was chasing London around the lawn, thanks honey!). So I sat and ate a jalapeno burger while sipping on a soda pop (black cherry cream soda, yum!), actually having a conversation with my family. It doesn't get much better than that. And of course London got to pick out her own soda, which she was covered in by the end (which really just enhances the whole Pops' experience!). Forget next years family vacation, we're going to Pops!


Collin and Mariah said...

Isn't pops fun. Collin and I like to go out there and get our own pop!! It was so good to see you guys. Everyone looks so great. Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Pops is great! It's less than five minutes from my parent's house, so we always take our family members there any time they are in town. Too fun!