Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Mama?

London has three new phrases, that she repeats incessently.

"What you doin' Mama?"

"Where we goin' Mama?"

and "Why, Mama, why?"

I don't always know what the 'why' pertains to but she usually keeps asking 'why' until I figure it out. :)

And then, once I tell her where, or why, or what, she responds with, "oh, okay Mama". That was easy. Oh, and I have to add that her latest phrase when she drops something (or something isn't working quite right) is "Ohhh, man...". I honestly don't know where she learned that one, but I do say a lot of things I don't realize until I hear it repeated back to me by my two year old, kind of scary, I know!

1 comment:

Honey said...

She looks so mature here, like she is considering possibilities...