Sunday, November 2, 2008

Candy, Candy, Candy!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. London really got into dressing up in her fairy costume, and she quickly picked up the 'candy' part of the holiday. That actually became her mantra as we walked down our block Friday night, "Candy, candy, candy!"

We started out the week by 'exploring' a pumpkin. It lasted all about five minutes, surprisingly London isn't a slimy texture kind of girl.

Visiting friends at the Fountains. London did a good job going up to people and saying 'Hi'. Although, she did visit the ones with candy several times.

Posing for a group pic at the Fountains.

If you asked London what she was for Halloween you could get any of the following as her answer a)fairy b)ballerina c)purple butterfly
As of Halloween evening she was a purple butterfly ballerina; she just doesn't want to limit herself.

We have 'Trunk or Treat' at our church, and to go along with London's 'fairy' theme, I decided to make a 'forest' reminiscent of "A Midsummer's Night Dream" in the trunk of our van (think way back to high school lit., I know you theatrical people get it, thanks Stephanie!) James is always such a good sport and participates in all of my fun. But he did draw the line this time, he was not about to be Oberon (king of the fairies), he preferred t be Nick Bottom (who if you remember, was turned into an....donkey (Hey, I have some young readers) But me, being so not on top of things, only had time to construct 'donkey' ears for his costume; you look great honey! I love Halloween!


Honey said...

What a great idea! James looks like he's having a good time not being Oberon.

Collin and Mariah said...

London looked so cute in her costume. I can't wait until Brady gets older so we can take him trick-or-treating.