Monday, November 24, 2008

Finding Christmas

Wow, it feels like it has been forever since I posted; I don't know where the time goes (not to our laundry basket, sorry James), and I don't even have the holidays to blame yet. Speaking of the holidays, we went against our (well, James really) hard fast rule of no Christmas until after Thanksgiving. James didn't have class last Thursday, their teacher gave them a 'work day', and so he came home, and we all know how much James gets done when he's home with London and me. Since I am boycotting housework until my nesting hormones kick in, I had the great idea of getting a jump start on our Christmas decorating. I LOVE Christmas, and anything that has to do with decorating for Christmas, so James conceded, being the sweet, caring husband he is. If I had really planned it out, I would have made apple cider, cookies, and played Christmas music in the background (and of course, the camcorder charged and ready to capture the moment). But I am not a planner and so we just hit the boxes. But I do wish I had captured some of it on film, London was soooo excited. She thought the idea of a Christmas tree was just amazing, and those things we hang on the tree, sooo cool. My favorite moment was when, upon opening a box full of decorations, she yelled, "Oh Daddy, I found Christmas!"

I apologize for the lack of clothing, this is London's new look. "No, I don't want pants mama" is part of our morning routine. Maybe that's why I haven't been taking as many pictures:).

My happy girl, and another advocate on my side for early Christmas decorating!


Anonymous said...

As always, London is adorable! And your home looks very Christmasy!! We can't wait to see you, James, and London this week - being with family is definitely my favorite part of the holidays :)

Mercedes said...

Too cute. I am sure that you are going to have a blast this Christmas. I can hardly wait until Hunter understands what Christmas is!

Chase said...

You should put that line, "Oh daddy, I found Christmas" on some Christmas cards or something.