Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Way to Potty Train

Soooo, for some reason London thought it might be fun to try and wear her potty seat instead of sit on it; here was the outcome,

First it's all fun and games, "Look Mama, I'm wearing my potty seat!"; you sure are....

After the novelty (and laughter) wore off, we tried to remove the potty seat, but to no avail.

"What are you looking at, haven't you ever seen a potty seat stuck around someones neck before?"

We decided a call to Daddy was in order. Mommy was obviously not capable of removing a child's plastic potty ring from London's head. (London's exact words were, "No mommy, daddy will get it off when he gets home from work.").

After a few tears and the realization that one cannot move or play normally with a large plastic ring around their neck, it was time for some comfort food.

Daddy made it home shortly after, was able to remove the obstruction (of course) and the potty seat found its way back to its proper place on the potty. (In my defense, London was much more still for James than for me; I almost had it on the fifth try).


Mercedes said...

Oh that is hilarious! Too bad you don't have a video to send to America's Funniest Home videos. I am sure you would get the cash prize.

Collin and Mariah said...

Oh that is so funny!! That will have to be something you so the future boyfriends!!

jim.baird said...

"No, Mommy. Daddy will get it off when he gets home from work." James, that has got to be worth a ponyn