Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Routine

Or lack of, I should say. I know I mentioned that I was not a morning person (especially now), so we have developed a new morning routine. It goes like this:

7:45ish: London yelling from her room, "Mommy I'm awake, it's time to get up!"

7:50ish: I drag myself into London's room, pick her up and carry her back to my bed.

Then I manage to turn on PBS and London watches cartoons for the next 30-45 min. while I crawl back into bed and desperately try to get some more sleep.

It is truly amazing how quickly I can fall asleep and wake back up during this time; for about every 5 min. I am asked a question or given an observation on what is going on with super Why or Clifford.

Probably not the best way to start the day, but right now I'm on survival mode.

London has become so self-sufficient the last couple of weeks, she even dresses herself in the morning. Pretty impressive, even if it's not summer dress weather.

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The Buks said...

Hey Kristen, Thanks for letting me take a peek at Noble tonight at Church. He is just so precious! Our blog is www.thebukboys.blogspot.com
See you soon and have a blessed week!