Monday, May 25, 2009

The Best Room in the House

You guessed it, it belongs to London. We worked all weekend to get London into her big girl room, and we did it, or I should say James did it. Now this might come as a big surprise to everyone, but this project was actually James' idea. London has been talking non-stop about her 'pink and white big girl room' for weeks now (thank you Abbey and Kelsy). And so late Saturday afternoon, James took it upon himself to paint London's new room, take apart a crib, reassemble it into a full size bed, and move the rest of London's 'things' downstairs. Granted, this wasn't completed until Monday at noon, but nonetheless, it was quite a feat, and let me stress - James' idea. But he said it was all worth it when, this morning, after unveiling the finished pink walls, London walked around the room and said (and I quote), "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I love it with all my heart....thanks for painting my room pink Daddy."

The transformation of London's room:

London's sweet periwinkle nursery.

The shared room, transitioning it into Noble's room:

A move downstairs and two cans of pink paint later, and wa-la, a room fit for, well London!

Noble's excited about his room too!


Jenae said...

Her new room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'll have to stop by and see it for myself. :) And it was so sweet of her to thank her daddy! As always, you do such an amazing job decorating, Kristen!

Beth Sears said...

Wow!!!! I so want a pink bedroom! Great job guys- it's beautiful!!