Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Day...

I'll return to the blogging world. Instead of thinking, I should blog about this, I actually will blog about it, and I will do it in one sitting with no interupptions. So far for this post, which is obviously soooo long and time intensive, I have had to save the 2yr old from jumping off the kitchen table, stop a pot of macaroni from boiling over, and uncover Noble from the blankets his sister thought he needed covering his head. So, I guess it's obvious why I feel like I've disapeared from the blogging world, but I will return (and next time it won't be to whine about not blogging). In the meantime I am still longingly reading and keeping up with my friend's blogs, keep up the good work!


Taylor & Stephanie said...

Yay, you are alive! I can't wait to see you, James, and of course the kids this weekend. We miss you guys!

Life with the Lees said...

I always check to see if you've posted something new, but I totally understand why you haven't! It's stressful enough having a 2 yr. old. I can't imagine having two right now! Don't feel bad...I have disappearef from the blogging world several times. I have been keeping pretty current recently though! Don't know if you know about my new blog, but here it is:

Miss you guys! Hope all is well! :)