Friday, December 11, 2009

A Project Just Waiting to Happen...

I don't know what it is about my personality that lends itself to change, but I am constantly wanting to fix, change, and beautify the things around us. And sometimes, the need to let my creative juices go from mere ideas to elbow grease action is overwhelming, and right now it is sooo bad. There is of course, a never ending list of the things I want to do, but unfortunately, reality (in the form of time, kids, and money constraints) comes strutting on in and puts a damper on my grand aspirations. But, with James break for the holidays just around the corner, a little glimmer of hope has sprung and I am eating, sleeping, and breathing my latest fun, fixer upper project...painting our kitchen cabinets!! So with some family help (I know they want some extended one on one time with the grand kids) and James' go-ahead (even home improvement projects done on the cheap still cost something), I am looking forward to tackling those builder grade, mapleish colored cabinets. Now to just hone in on exactly what I want (which isn't always easy, as I have a lot of ideas) and tackling it full force (is it sad that two days spent sanding, priming, and painting without the kiddos makes me giddy?) So here's hoping... oh, and just to clarify, I have not been neglecting my blogging duties, our computer is officially on the brink of permanent shut down, so it is not allowing me to download pics. So you'll have to make due with some random ramblings and pics I already have downloaded, which reminds me of a before/after pic I have of a nightstand I painted several months back.

Okay...never mind, that won't work either. You'll just have to take my word for it that it turned out great (think dusty blue distressed pottery barnish piece that has storage inside for our favorite books). Looking forward to the holidays!

Oh, and if you're anything like me and love a good room makeover, you should check out
I just loved her room transformations, in fact, she described her style as cottage, contemperary country, coastal, which is so right up my alley, it's not even funny. Enjoy!

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Taylor & Stephanie said...

Hi, Kristen! It's good to see an update, even without pictures!! I hear you on the whole "needing to have a project" thing... I watch HGTV almost every night, which just has me salivating to buy a house and do some home decorating projects. Painting the kitchen cabinets sounds like so much fun! I'm sure they'll turn out great :)