Sunday, February 28, 2010

My life just got a whole lot harder

Thursday night, Noble became mobile. He finally figured out the whole crawling thing, and man, was he happy! Now the kid's unstoppable. He loves to explore, and nothing makes him happier than crawling from one room to another to get where his favorite people are.

Before Thursday, this was Noble's preferred (well, only) method of movement. He LOVES his rocket. Set him on it and he can go anywhere, as long as it's a straight shot. It was funny to see him using his little legs to move himself on his rocket, the boy likes to move!

Noble also loves it of course, when we push him around on his rocket. Before we go, we ask him to 'push the button', which he does, with a smile and a giggle (of course). He's too fun and about to turn one year old!


Mariah said...

How fun!! He looks so excited!!

Taylor & Stephanie said...

How exciting! What a cute little man :)