Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Vacation-Part 2

We're here! (Big sigh accompanied with an even bigger coke) We made it to Orlando and London is jazzed about trying out the pool.

And the bed. Who can't (or is it can?) resist jumping on and practically destroying a perfectly made hotel bed?
My children, that's who.

The sunscreen warriors.
With the lack of pigment in my children's fair, fair skin, we really should be buying stock in this stuff.

After a quick dip and a nap, we made our way over to the Rainforest Cafe to have dinner with both of our families.

Noble really wasn't sure what to think about the animatronic animals. But between those, the aquariums and the spontaneous 'thunderstorms', my children were adequately terrified, I mean entertained, until our food made it out.

Two more days packed FULL of fun ahead of us...


Taylor & Stephanie said...

I didn't know your folks were in Orlando too! How fun!! Oh, and did you know that Taylor has a huge fear of animatronic animals (well, animatronic anything) to this day? Maybe that's some recessive Baird gene that Noble has :)

Kristen B. said...

Too funny, well... maybe not to Taylor.
Here's to the fair skinned, animatronic hating, loud belly laughing Baird genes!