Monday, November 1, 2010

Storybook Forest

So Edmond has this fun little storybook, not at all scary, themed festival at lake Arcadia every year, and I was totally unaware. And we just happened to be in town the weekend it started, and it was adorable.

After you enter into the forest, you follow a little path past all these sets that are, you guessed it, fairy tale themed, and they hand out candy to the kiddos.
(Rapunzel was my favorite).
London and Noble loved it.
It had a lot going for it though:
1) It was outside
2) It was in a forest
3) It was outside
4) There was candy

It was perfect for their ages.
At the end there were games, where London scored some pink vampire teeth.
They also had hay rides, a concession stand, a story teller, and campfires. This is totally our new fall family tradition (while the kids are still little)!

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Beth said...

We were so going to go but then the boys got runny noses and coughs so we didn't. We heard the Halloween night is actually the best time to go because no one is there. Anyways, glad you guys had fun, maybe we will catch you there next year. :) Love you! Beth