Monday, November 1, 2010

Trunk or Treat 2010

Trunk or Treat was as fun as ever this year, and so many people participated and went all out, making it really fun and memorable for everyone!

Can you guess what our theme was this year?

Presenting princess Jasmine and her faithful monkey Abu (okay, so we all know it was Aladdin's faithful monkey), riding on a magic carpet ride. Like that song hasn't been stuck in my head for days.

And here's the most adorable bat girl I've ever seen.

I know everyone will be completely surprised to find out that James came up with the really fun idea of a 'magic carpet ride'. The kids had to climb up on it to get to the candy. And it really was suspended and wobbly and really fun to climb on. And I apparently really like to say really. I got to be the 'load tester' to ensure it was totally safe and kid friendly. The many joys of being married to an engineer.

Two little monkeys...

"What is this? What did you say? Someone's giving out candy? Who's giving out candy? Everyone we know is just giving out candy?" - Jerry Seinfield
It gets her every year.

Noble made the perfect monkey since, as I've mentioned before, the child climbs everything. His costume, unfortunately, wasn't up to the task of keeping up with him and broke within thirty seconds of trick or treating.

Rachel and her sweet super heroes, plus one super sweet princess

This was my favorite family get-up. Seriously, how cute is that? I've considered transposing our faces onto theirs and claiming this as our family, but we know too many of the same people.

Noble was obsessed with the 'gorilla' in the cage. We were either here watching the 'gorilla' or at the cars that had games with balls.
At one point Noble left and came back with someone else's sword ?? and let the gorilla know that he was taking charge of this apparently unsafe situation.

My favorite moment of Halloween this year had to be when we went to a few of our neighbor's homes and Noble was holding my hand and 'skipping', he was so happy. Every group of kids we passed by he waved to and said 'hi'. Pure, sugar high joy. It's what's all about.

Now someone please tell me what to do with the carpet ride apparatus that is currently taking up residence on the middle of our garage. Yet another joy of being married to an engineer.

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