Friday, March 25, 2011

Twice the fun

Not only is he two, but he got to celebrate the occasion twice.
We are all about setting high expectations in our family.
Noble was really excited about his robot cake.
He actually helped make it.
And then I finished it, with only a mild anxiety attack. Cake making is not my thing. I would like it to be my thing, but, unfortunately it's not.
For the love of all things yummy and beautiful would someone please tell me how to crumb coat a cake. Please.
Somehow it survived my attempts to frost it and nobody seemed to even notice that it wasn't properly 'crumb coated' (I think they actually appreciated the extra tub of icing I used to cover rough spots!).
I love getting together with all of our family. Birthdays (at least our children's) seem to bring everyone together.
I'm really into that.

Happy 2nd 2nd Birthday my sweet, robot lovin' baby boy.

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Taylor & Stephanie said...

It was such a fun party! Yay for March birthdays :)