Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter morning '11

You can tell that when I post pictures from Easter two weeks late that I am either: a) catching up on laundry or b) reading an actual book or c) doing both

Getting ready in the morning, I whipped out the camera a little late, but there they are.

After lunch we had ourselves a little indoor easter egg hunt, it was pouring outside.
London was a big help to her little brother....
even though he thought the best part was shaking his bucket so that the eggs noisily flew everywhere. Boys.....

A prize for superb Easter egg hunting.

Oh, and London was a little unhappy that the Easter bunny didn't visit this year, (poor girl only received treats from her mom and dad, plus both her grandparents). James explained that the Easter bunny was the most fickle of the holiday gift givers, and that he was sure that next year he would make an extra big effort to visit her.
And yes, I'm enjoying my book very, very much.

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