Monday, May 9, 2011

London's Spring Program

Every spring London's preschool class puts on a little program where the children sing, recite poetry, your know, your typical spring program stuff.
London was dying to go on. She couldn't wait. Every day it was, "Is my program tonight?" "Are you sure it isn't tonight?" "What if you forget and we miss it?" .
Well we didn't miss it, and London did a fantastic job. Really. Ask me about it sometime and I will tell you about what an AMAZING performance she gave and how she really held it together, really.
There's a good reason Noble is trying to escape...
And there it is.

They really do love each other, and now I have the photo to prove it.
Daddy's beautiful little girl.

And I'll leave you with this final expression:
I feel the teenage years fast approaching.

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Taylor & Stephanie said...

So cute! Hasn't she asked the same thing about her ballet recital? Time is funny to kids... a few weeks feel like years :)