Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our shoes have still not made it back into the house

Our church playgroup made plans to visit a dairy farm several weeks ago. One of my children LOVED it. I'll let you guess which one.
Here is London and Noble's dairy farm adventure:

Can you feel his apprehension?

He's still not so sure... "Where are we, why are we here, what IS that smell and for cryin' out loud, why are my pants rolled up to my knees?"

And he wouldn't even consider getting close enough for a picture with this little girl.

Fascinated and fearless.

London and Noble found the farm to be captivating, a little smelly, fascinating, muddy, surprising, intimidating, really smelly, amazing, slightly worrisome, muddy, and of course, completely fun.

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Jenae said...

Our shoes are still in the garage too! :) And I was just thinking this morning as I was looking at a DIY home decor blog that you should totally start sharing all of your decorating ideas on your blog! You could be the next Young House Love. :)