Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas 2012

I have to say, that as far as holidays go, this one rocked.  We all took a deep breath, kept to-do's and expectations at a reasonable level, and just enjoyed the company of those we love.
We loved, laughed, played, gave, snuggled and took poor quality pictures to catch some of it.  When your truly in the moment, who has the wherewithal to make sure your camera is on the right settings, if you have it on you at all? ;)

We made it out to our town's annual hometown Christmas celebration where the kids saw Santa, rode on a barrel train, roasted marshmallows and took a starlit carriage ride.

Don't let Noble's picture avoidance fool you...he loved it.:)

James and I made a puppet stage for the kid's Christmas present, well, he made it, I actually asked him to make it (and put on the finishing touches with paint and curtains- me and my domestic abilities).;) They loved it.  It was so much fun watching them run in, unwrap their puppets and put on an impromptu puppet show right then and there, bed-head included.
We have since then, thoroughly enjoyed our family puppet show nights.

Noble had been asking for these superman pajamas with the zipper since October.  I think he wore them for the duration on Christmas break.

Chillin' at Honey and Papas, where we, well, chilled, 

and built Lincoln log towers, Lego guys, watched Christmas movies and chilled some more.

 One of my favorite days, complete with sunshine, snow, chocolate chip cookies, 

and these wonderful babies.

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