Thursday, January 24, 2013


Discussions about marriage and future spouses have been frequent at our house.
Noble's concerned about finding a girl to marry and will randomly approach the subject, say, when we are driving down the road.  "MOM, WHO am I going to marry????"
I've even over heard him singing about his future wife while cleaning his room, apparently he wants her to be "pretty, but not too fancy".  I guess he's not into the high maintenance type.
He's a smart kid.

And then there is London who, just this evening, told me her criteria for her future husband (she actually said that he must be like her in a lot of ways, and when I asked her in what ways, this was her response):
1.) He must sing praises to Jesus every night like she does.
2.) He must love God as much as she does.
3.) And he must speak with a British accent.

So there you have it.  We are all officially praying for a future husband/wife in this house, whether homegrown, or across the world.

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