Thursday, March 21, 2013


My baby is four.  Officially out of the toddler years and on to the age of big boy things, like soccer, walking over to the neighbors house without mom (but with big sister), cracking eggs, rockin' preschool and loading up his library borrowed learning pack to go on 'adventures'.
And he's lovin' it.

Off to our family tradition of breakfast with dad.

 Noble was kind of all over the place when it came to deciding what he wanted for a birthday cake.
I think all he really cared about was whether there was frosting and cake involved.
Finally he settled on killer whales, but parrots were a close second.

I love how he jumped up after every gift to dole out the love.

He gives out the best hugs.

The kid looks like he's accepting an assignment overseas.
I guess you gotta take this blowing out the candles business seriously.

I am a big fan of store bought cakes.
Happened upon this blue baby at the Edmond Homeland.  And the lady heading up the bakery department was kind enough to whip out her icing bag and add some waves and the script.
Put the pre-purchased killer whale on top.  Boom.  Done.
And after hand cutting out 36 killer whales for his preschool party, a cute home made cake was not going to happen.
Let's face it, an ugly one wasn't happening either.

I'm an even bigger fan of home made cakes not made by me.
Behold Honey's butter batter cake. Delicious.
Noble was in agreement as he put down his fork and used both hands to get it into his mouth.
He was a fan.

And here he is sporting what this birthday was really all about.

And he hasn't taken it off since.  Literally.
It goes on in the morning and the shoes, mind you, just the shoes, come off at bedtime.
This boy is excited about some soccer.

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