Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snow Days have their benefits

One of which is catching up on the ol' blog.
I guess I will start here.

Ahhhh, Colorado.  
It reminds me of when I was training, in decent physical shape, and had an extended weekend away with my hubby and good friends.
All good reminders in the middle of winter, when all I want to do is take a hot bath, curl up under a warm blanket and consume homemade cinnamon rolls in very large quantities.

I can still feel the inner-peace that was radiating from us in this photograph.

Still can't tell you what's happening here.

I love eating pictures. 
So humbling.

My dream backyard contains something similar to this.

Race day

Running around my backyard as a kid, jumping hurdles with my chocolate lab, Buddy, finally seems to have been useful for something.

I love the ferocity; there's no holding him back.

We made it!
And we're smiling.
Which is amazing considering I couldn't breathe at all up there.
Come to find out, it's probably a good idea to train for high altitudes.
I've filed that one away.....for next time.

And after swimming through really cold mud, we cleaned up and enjoyed the sights.
James will never live down finding the only gentleman that had never used a camera phone.
He seriously hadn't.
Makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Nothing beats getting the whole drum of ice cream.

Except maybe running a 5k in Colorado with this guy by my side.

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