Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Poet

This morning London and I decided to let out our inner poet and write us up some poetry.
Needless to say, that's what we did again this afternoon. And most likely what we'll be doing tomorrow.
The girl's hooked.
For your reading pleasure, my oldests first attempt at free verse:

Crayons are to draw with.
I like artistic.
This is the best poem ever,
I wrote with a crayon.
Me and my mommy are very artistic.
Come see my mommy draw amazing pictures
around the world, and me!

I love unicorns,
They're so sweet,
And ponies too.
I most love ponies
And unicorns,
I love you all so much!

Nice to my brother

The Baird Family
I love my mommy so much,
Yes I do.
Mommy, mommy
Then I love my mommy,
Oh yes I do.
And I love my daddy too!

I had some hiccups,
I went to the store
And someone got the hiccups.
Then I was coming
Back from the store,
And they were gone.


Mercedes said...

I love it go London!

nana said...

Oh, how I love that girl!