Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer wrap-up

Even though we weren't able to go on a family vacation this summer, we had ourselves plenty of fun (and by we, I mean me and the kids-and yes I realize that there was probably nothing grammatically correct about that sentence). The kids and I made a couple of trips to Edmond where they got lots of spoiling from my side of the family.

My mom and I made a trip down to the Jasmine Moran children's museum in Seminole, and I have three words for it.
Early. Childhood. Heaven.
It was amazing. There was one room with all these different sections that were like dramatic play areas on steroids. One area was a garage with cars that had foam tires that could be removed with power tools. I'll let you guess where all the boys were. SO COOL.
Noble was in awe.

There were a lot of other fun things to check out, like an archaeological dig site,

Giant hula-hoop bubble makers,


Airplane cockpits,

Puppet theatres,

And SO much more. We will definitely make a trek out there again.

And then there was the swimming. LOTS of swimming. I think London and Noble would live in the pool if they could.
My fearless one (even without the floaties)!

And we can't forget the zoo. I love the Oklahoma City Zoo. It's amazing. My babies thought so too.

We were able to see this little girl. PRECIOUS. If you don't think an animal can be precious than you have never seen a new baby elephant. Or maybe you have and I'm just transferring my maternal instincts in some weird way since my babies are no longer babies. Sigh....

And probably the biggest hit at the zoo was this:

It will be a sad day when London outgrows the joy of the kiddie rides. It's the little things.

And then more swimming. One of the perks of having a pool at Nana and Grandpa's house are night swims. Life is good.

Summer is wonderful, late nights, slushy stands, hot pavement, sweaty kids, drippy swimsuits, air conditioning, movie filled afternoons and way, way too short! Until next year..........

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