Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A happy home

I read an article about 5 common things happy people have in their homes, and it made me stop and think about all the people I love and what specifically about their homes makes me feel at home, loved, and just happy (besides them of course)! All of them have a home that is inviting, begging me to stay for a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine).  I see comfy throws, friendly pets that plead to be snuggled, family photographs, yummy food, candles burning, music playing, kids scribbles and drawings taped up on walls and refrigerators, to-do lists, scriptures on the walls and just an air of openness about them.

It also gave me new eyes to see what, in my own home, at first glance might drive neat-freak me a little bonkers ( overflowing toy basket that I keep saying I'll pare down), but after a second, deeper look, shows something much more beautiful (a house full of children).

The evidence of our abundance is all around me.

My never clean windows show smudges of sweet little faces watching the world around them.  My casserole dishes, waiting to be returned on the counter, show loving care of generous friends and family during those not-so great days of illness. Medicine on the counter reminds me of our 24/7 access to medical care during these bouts of sickness, the hairbrush that is always on our table brings to mind all of the little blonde bed heads that I get to detangle every morning during breakfast.  Pillows on the floor (and not on the couch) are evidence of a giggly game of chase the twins played with one another just this morning.  Dishes on the counter and laundry on the couch are evidence of more than enough food to eat and clothes to wear.  Dirt and grass on the floor reveal a yard to run and play in.  Flies all over my kitchen point to neighborhood children running in and out the front door, making themselves at home.  The mess and joy of life completely surround me.
Here's to seeing the happy in our home.

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