Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anyone Need a Mattress?

I just couldn't resist posting this to share with everyone. These 'bargains' were not propped up in our neighborhood, but a neighborhood, a very nice one I might add, close by. Who thought it was a good idea to prop their old mattresses on the back of their fence with 'Free' posted (kind of) on them. Seriously people, no one wants the mattresses that are no longer suitable for your family because of the urine stains from your kids potty training days. There are garage sales, and Goodwill, even the garbage truck will take them away, so please remove them from the sidewalk before they fall over and crush a small child.
I have to add that I was somewhat embarrassed to take this picture (I circled the block twice), but I think only one person saw me; it was well worth it.:)

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