Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday London!

My baby is two!! I don't quite know what to do with myself, she is growing up so fast! I tried to document her day to share with every one (which is why she won't look straight into the camera, she is starting to get annoyed with my constant 'moment capturing'). Overall it was a fun day for her (I, however, am about to fall over!):)

London started her day having breakfast with Daddy.

Singing in the Rain

Playing in the rain with Ali (we were waiting for the bus to drop off Matthew from school).

This was probably London's favorite part of the day!

Next, London helped make her birthday cake.

Which led to London leading a Broadway show on the coffee table.

After the cake was done cooking (and the show was over) London decorated her creation.


When Daddy got home is was time to open presents, Thanks for the book Gammie and Bapa!

London loved this Dora birthday card. It sang Happy Birthday in English and Spanish and she danced with it for about 10 minutes!

Every girl needs a pair of red, sparkly, Dorothy shoes (Thanks KK!)

Too pooped to pop. It's finally time for stories and bed, what a fun day!! Happy Birthday London, we love you!

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MikeyAnn said...

She looks like an amazing child! You are blessed :) Check out my Blog