Thursday, September 18, 2008

Strictest Mommy on the Block

So I view myself as a pretty firm, but not overly demanding parent. I've set guidelines which I usually (uh-hmm) stick to, and I try not to be too over zealous when it comes to rules and no's and dont's. But somewhere in all my good intentions I must have really come down too hard (it has been a long week, HELLO pregnancy hormones). On Thursday, London and I were having a great day of fun together, (it was just us that day) and we were enjoying fun times with friends at the Barnes and Noble story time/playgroup. It was princess (excuse me, princess/prince) themed, and all of the children were decorating their crowns. London was coloring hers, choosing all different colors of permanent markers (yes, you heard me, permanent, and despite my best efforts it did get on her dress, WHY PEOPLE!!!) I was oohing and ahhhing at her great coloring and at one point I asked her if she could go find a purple marker (she is really into colors lately and likes to point them out everywhere we go). She went searching, but there weren't any in our cup of markers. When she returned I noticed she had a diaper issue that needed to be taken care of and so I picked her up and told her we were going to change her diaper and that we would be right back. Well, on the way to the car she kept saying something that I couldn't quite make out at first, and then I realized she was saying "sorry mama, didn't find purple marker". London thought we were leaving because she was unable to locate a purple marker for her crown; what have I done!!! I explained to her that that was just fine and that we would find some different colors when we went back in, she just needed a fresh diaper. I have no idea where that came from but I was not feeling like mom of the year on that one. As heart wrenching as it was, it was also sweet, and made up for some of the many moments we have had this week (London finally figured out she was two and decided she better act like it). So if any of your children need a good dose of guilt, bring them over to my house, I seem to have a gift.

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