Thursday, September 18, 2008

Food for Thought

So I know that London is getting to the age where she says funny things on almost a daily basis, well at least I think they're funny. And I'm sure our families get a kick out of them too. But I apologize to all my friends who log on to my blog occasionally to find yet another story about how funny and adorable and precious my baby is, but what can I say? The most recent, somewhat embarrassing, but gotta make you smile moment happened when we made a run to Walmart to get Maya some more dog food (which by the way, is grossly affecting our food budget, who knew a 70lb dog could eat so much??). We were in the checkout lane with only the dog food (miraculous, I know) and London proceeded to inform the cashier that we were buying "Maya's food". Unfortunately 'Maya' sometimes comes out like 'my', and so she repeated to the cashier what sounded like "my food" several times. I smiled and said, "Maya is our dog" to which the cashier just gave me and James questioning looks. Surely no one would really believe we feed our child dog food, but I am the queen of paranoia; so we left the store with me waiting for someone from child protection services to stop us in the parking lot. I wonder what we should have for dinner tonight....

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