Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Leash Laws

One thing London definitely has is her own sense of humor. We decided to go on a family walk yesterday evening (it was so beautiful), and we were talking about which dogs to take (I have not had enough energy to handle everybody lately). After London suggested we take Maya, I said "Oh yes, that would, work we're taking Daddy" (which is not how I meant it, I meant to say he was coming with us, but after 6 pm I don't always think or talk coherently). London started laughing and said "Daddy's leash!" (As in, I need to go get Daddy's leash). That's my funny girl!


Carter Dale said...

That is so clever, what a smart girl!

Anonymous said...

Ha, Taylor got a kick out of this one! (Because a sense of humor is a very important quality in a Baird!)

Jenae C. said...

This is such a cute picture and a hilarious story!!! Against James' advice, I really want you to read Marley & Me...it is such a sweet book that only a dog-lover like yourself could appreciate. :)

I have that and London's bib (yes...I have had it for several months, the last time we had you over I am sorry to admit), so I will bring those over sometime. If you're not home, I'll just leave it on your porch.