Friday, September 19, 2008

Kids Day Out, Here I Come!

Here are just a few pictures of London eagerly anticipating her first day of school.

London showing off her cool new backpack (which she hasn't parted with at home, but at soon as we get to her school, it's "mama carry backpack".

We are soooo excited!

Ali and London getting ready to head off to school. (You'll notice London brought Ali's camera outside to help capture the moment).

"Cheese Mama!" London decided to turn the tables and take some pictures of me.

"Seriously Mom, no more pictures!"

London seemed to have had a great day at school. She made an apple, which she told me about first thing when I came in her classroom. (She was shouting, "Apple Mama, Apple!") She also showed me around her class, and when I asked her what other fun things they did she told me "Lunch! Ate cheese, crackers, grapes!" Nothing seals a great first day of school like food, she is so my child.


Beth Sears said...

Kristen- I love reading your blog, it always makes me laugh! London is so adorable with her expressions. Great job capturing them. Usually about 80% of my pictures are blurry or they capture the two seconds after Ben was doing something cute. You're awesome!!!!

Honey said...

what beautiful pictures! I'm so glad that you posted them-it's a great way to share the moment. Thanks, Kristen!

jim.baird said...

The picture you labled "Serious, Mom,. . ." is such a great photo. Really captures her personality. And we really see your face in hers in that one.